Sunday, April 21, 2013

Homosexuality- What I think

Let's start this post with something positive.

I wish all the freedom, human rights, and even happiness to all homosexuals and other miscellaneous categories. They deserve it because they're human beings. It's as simple as that.

But I wish the world would stop talking about it.

I don't care what causes homosexuality- be it genetic, psychological, social, divine, what have you... It doesn't really make any difference to me, and any argument for either side is weak justification for a needless viewpoint.
But let's face it: What we're arguing about is not whether or not God loves or hates you... It's whether or not what genitals you stick where is something that matters. If you ask me, it all boils down to this: An individual, for God knows what reason, sometimes physically attracted to the same gender, and not the other.

This is my problem with the homosexual community. I used to have a much lower opinion of them, but I've grown wiser and I given it a lot of thought. The whole trouble is that a very vocal minority has gotten the bizarre idea that wanting to stick their penis up a man's butt is something that makes you very special and unique, and that an entire subculture should be based around that.

I presume that not all homosexuals behave and act like Paul Lynde dressed like Elton John. I have yet to meet a homosexual in person that behaves relative normally, I admit... But it's simply logical to assume that they don't ALL act like the stereotype.

Therefore, we can safely assume that not all homosexuals are lustful, and are in fact capable of love and kindness just like any other type of human being.

But the sin of "Camp Gays" (as TV Tropes calls them)- and yes, I said the word "SIN", and you'd better believe it- is that their sexual desires have shaped and formed their entire lifestyle. They take on this role that to me resembles the sexist stereotype of women, and insist on wearing ridiculous clothes, speaking in a phony accent, and centering all their activities, ideas, and endeavors around their sexual preferences.

You know what people call a heterosexual man that only thinks and talks about having sex with women and posturing? A pervert. A jerk. A masher. And what about heterosexual women who only think and talk about having sex with men? We call them sluts.

What's worse is that the "camp gay" subculture insists on getting their grubby little hands on every aspect of the world's culture. When was the last time you saw any significant amount of straight men wearing pink, purple, or rainbow colors? Or wearing colorful clothing at all?
When was the last time that somebody used the word "gay" to mean "happy" without biting their tongue?
What about all your favorite cartoon characters? Did you know that they're all homosexual at one time or another in the pornography world?
Do you wish that chicken sandwiches and chocolate cookies were socially and politically neutral again?

Did you know that one of the first times pink became associated with homosexuality was when Hitler labeled such men with pink triangles? Are you going to let HITLER tell you what's "gay" and what's not?

When the world realizes that what naughty bits you insert where is NOT what defines you as a person, and does NOT deserve special attention, praise, or justification- and especially not an entire subculture- then the world shall be a far more peaceful, upright and sane place.


I'm sure about 90% of those who have read this far are now ready to call me a hateful bigot. Yes, I am angry- morally outraged, even- BUT YOU SURE DIDN'T READ THIS POST VERY CAREFULLY IF YOU THINK I'M A BIGOT.
Do you really think I'd waste my time and breath hating people?? Hate is for losers and scum who have nothing better to do. Hate is the stupidest thing in existence. I'm just cranky.

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