Sunday, April 21, 2013

Homosexuality- What I think

Let's start this post with something positive.

I wish all the freedom, human rights, and even happiness to all homosexuals and other miscellaneous categories. They deserve it because they're human beings. It's as simple as that.

But I wish the world would stop talking about it.

I don't care what causes homosexuality- be it genetic, psychological, social, divine, what have you... It doesn't really make any difference to me, and any argument for either side is weak justification for a needless viewpoint.
But let's face it: What we're arguing about is not whether or not God loves or hates you... It's whether or not what genitals you stick where is something that matters. If you ask me, it all boils down to this: An individual, for God knows what reason, sometimes physically attracted to the same gender, and not the other.

This is my problem with the homosexual community. I used to have a much lower opinion of them, but I've grown wiser and I given it a lot of thought. The whole trouble is that a very vocal minority has gotten the bizarre idea that wanting to stick their penis up a man's butt is something that makes you very special and unique, and that an entire subculture should be based around that.

I presume that not all homosexuals behave and act like Paul Lynde dressed like Elton John. I have yet to meet a homosexual in person that behaves relative normally, I admit... But it's simply logical to assume that they don't ALL act like the stereotype.

Therefore, we can safely assume that not all homosexuals are lustful, and are in fact capable of love and kindness just like any other type of human being.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mewtwo and dubbing

There's a very vocal minority (at least I hope it's a minority) that seems to hate the English dub of the first Pokémon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back. The idea is that 4Kids ruined it by over-emphasizing the moral and making Mewtwo too clear-cut a villain.

I don't remember ever thinking Mewtwo was a true bad guy. He was angry and vengeful for only being thought of as merely a successful experiment or a mega-weapon. And "Birth of Mewtwo" makes it pretty clear that he was kinda mentally disturbed in the first place. Who wouldn't be, after all that?
And anyway, Mewtwo obviously comes to his senses in the end, so it's not like the dubbers took that out. If they really wanted him to be the Big Bad Guy, he would have learned his lesson through defeat or something.

The moral might be just a tad over-emphasized, but only a tad. Not any more than any other kids' cartoons at the time. I was a kid once, and I'm pretty sure most kids take notice when a cartoon is hitting them over the head with an Aesop. Me, I took it to heart.
In the wild, a Pokémon's attacks are for self-defense. When they're with a trainer, Pokémon enjoy battling for sport- that much is obvious, being more sentient than regular animals. Battling for sport is an extension of their own survival skills.
But the anime and games make this clear- Pokémon are not tools of war, and should not be used just as a means to show your strength. Pokémon should never be pushed too hard, or fight to the death, or else they'll grow to dislike you. Just like we shouldn't abuse our pets or have dog fights or lions eat slaves. But any real-life pet owner knows that animals enjoy hunting and play-fighting even though they don't really have to. If you think the moral is too pushy, you should dislike Red & Blue and Gold & Silver. Those games had the same moral all over the place.
It's not like Pokémon was like Captain Planet or something, where the episode's lesson was spelled out at the end just in case you missed it. What I'm saying is that a smart kid knows when he's being talked down to. I wasn't.