Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love confusion

There's a girl I met in college last semester that I really liked. We totally geeked out about Disney after class once, and she also finds that cartoon animals can be physically attractive. She's off at another college now, but we still sorta (emphasis on sorta) keep in touch over Facebook.

But recently I've come to know some of her interests: Family Guy, which I find completely disgusting and morally repulsive, and at times even frightening in its attempts to consume the entirety of pop culture, Michael Jackson, who despite his talents, is a complete freak, even if he isn't a pedophile, and the Twilight series, which I think sounds idiotic and immature, and is a major threat to the image, reputation and possibly the mythos of vampirism & lycanthropy. Heck, I bet most Twilight fans don't even know the word "lycanthropy".

So what's a guy desperate for a companion to do?

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  1. I wish I knew. I don't blame you for being horrified -- "Family Guy" love plus "Twilight" love would send me running for the hills even without Michael Jackson thrown into the mix!

    (Found your site via Comics Curmudgeon. BTW, wasn't it amazing to see a Bible passage on there today, even in jest? The Lord works in mysterious ways. . . . ;-) )