Saturday, January 29, 2011

Loss or denial of faith is counterintuitive

When most people see someone breaking their own rules or doctrines, why do they almost always conclude that these rules are false?

In particular, I've seen people hate Christians because they've met only hypocritical ones. For some reason, they assume that the very concept of Christianity is evil, despite the fact that it's all about peace and love and stuff. I don't think they actually know what Christ's message is- they just see that these bad Christians are saying non-Christians are evil and then go and commit adultery or something.
Or maybe it's just a knee-jerk reaction to Christians telling them what to do- which you know, is a horrendous crime to humanity (sarcasm).
Of course, this sometimes intense hatred makes these critics no better than the bad Christians. Perhaps their reasoning is "I may be hateful, but at least I'm honest about it".

It's very sad, really. These sort of people never seem happy.

Whatever train of thought it is, it's a path of logic that doesn't add up. They're putting two and two together, but these twos aren't twos that should be together- and frankly, it's a conclusion I can't comprehend, because it's a conclusion I can't possibly come to.
It's like they're putting two and π together.

In the end, I can't help but wonder what their concept of good is supposed to be. Is it really something other than peace and love?

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