Monday, March 21, 2011

Our commercials are EPIC

A trend I find disturbing and irritating is when a TV commercial will have the same budget as a feature film. This is particularly popular with car and electronics commercials, which are frequently drowning in CG and green-screen effects- and none of it ever makes me want the product. In fact, sometimes I can't tell what the product even IS.

The worst ones go like this: I'll be watching what seems at first to be a movie trailer, and I'll go "Wow, this looks like a really awesome movie- wait, this is an ad for freakin' smartphone??"

It also makes me feel sad about movies of today. I'd rather be watching the movies these ads pretended to be rather than most of the real ones.

But it mostly makes me wonder- is this where all our consumer money is going? Why the heck are we spending millions of dollars for 30-second spots when we could be spending them on actual entertainment- or better yet, the products they advertise? Or do these companies really have that much money to burn? It makes me wonder if it was worth it to give America's car manufacturers all those bailouts.

Actually, I couldn't care less about how much they spend on smartphones. I'd rather that movies get more attention.

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