Friday, December 11, 2009

Treble boosters

I'm trying to see if there's anything to the treble boosters of the '60s (particularly the ones made by Vox), but so far it seems like they just overdrive the amp- I'm not really hearing any increase in the treble frequencies. Mind you, they sound very nice (especially the Rangemaster, particularly if it really does cause all that nice musical feedback), but all I really want is more treble, 'cause some of my guitars have a weak high range, even with my amp's treble all the way up. Worse, the videos that JMI (the brand that's making reissues of the Vox stuff) is putting up make it sound they cause an echo effect as well, which I don't want.

It's all very confusing. And usually vintage effects are so straightforward! Not to say that they have a lot of weird buttons (they seem to all have only one), but they don't seem to do what they say they do so far, and by golly I definitely don't want yet another pedal creating grit on my palette. Three wildly different fuzzes, a clean boost and an overdrive are enough!

I realize that despite everything I love about my guitars and my amp, I haven't been able to achieve that perfect lead tone that I have in my head: equally huge, piercing sound on bass, midrange, and upper range, with crazy chaotic distortion like creamy melted pepperjack cheese, and easy access to versatile feedback. I'm kind of ashamed to admit it, because I had always been adamant about being faithful to the beautifully crummy gear that I already have and so tenderly brought back to life. I feel like I've betrayed them, and that I've become spoiled by playing those high-quality Fender and Vox tube amps and that Gretsch guitar at this store and repair shop I sometimes go to. It's especially frustrating because I had managed to make my guitars sound incredible with just my fingers just a few months ago, and now I seem to be losing it. I wish I knew why.
Maybe it's because I've switched to that coil cable recently... I do have my eye on those Snapjack cables.

Of course, I have somehow managed to break the high-E strings on several of my guitars in just a few weeks. I'm starting to feel withdrawal. God, I miss playing them...

Arrrrrgggghhh- I need my fix of awsm tone!!

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