Monday, March 8, 2010

Let the Jonas Brothers be...

...I am quite honestly tempted to give the Jonas Brothers an open-minded listen, just because half the population hates them. I wouldn't be surprised if I liked them. Hey, if I like the White Stripes and Green Day, who have gotten just as much hatred as the Jonas Brothers (albeit on a smaller scale), I don't see why I'd close my ears to them...

(And yes, I am aware that these bands are quite different from the Jonas Brothers, stylistically...)

Y'see, there have been times when the hatred for something is so ridiculous, childish, and unfounded, I get the nagging suspicion that I would like them. That was the case for the White Stripes and Green Day- I heard so much bashing that I wanted to check them out. And I think they're both great. If there's one thing that gets my goat, it's when people form an opinion for poor reasons, or no reasons at all. You should either base your likes and dislikes on taste or principle, if you ask me... simply saying "i think they suck lol" just doesn't cut it.

It also helps if I lower my standards- that often helps me like it more.

Okay, so the Jonas Brothers are cute. Okay, so they play pop rock, instead of your belov├ęd death-grunts and whines. Hating them- I repeat, outright HATING them is ridiculous... to call them talentless hacks or airheaded dweebs is just unfair, because you can't prove that. And as a Christian, I admire them for their abstinence. So all you anti-Christian, anti-Disney South Park fanboys can stay away from me.

Of course, hatred is ALWAYS ridiculous. One of my goals as a Christian is to never hate someone. It's such an ugly, hideous thing to feel... and it's one of the biggest failures of mankind.

UPDATE: The same goes for Miley Cyrus.

UPDATE: Oog. Well, now that Miley Cyrus is a slut, I take it back.

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