Monday, March 8, 2010

Shocking people = social progress? WRONG!

To those of you who like Marilyn Manson or sexually explicit and violent art of any kind, I say PHOOEY.

They didn't shoot Dr. King because he ran around naked.

They didn't put Martin Luther to trial because he ran around naked.

And they didn't crucify Jesus Christ because he ran around naked.

What changes the world? What TRULY shocks people? It isn't sex and violence, uncensored swear words, or breaking social norms or taboos. Any idiot with a filthy mind and perverse desires can do that.

It's bold, cage-rattling, and downright righteous IDEAS.

So ask yourself: Who has made the world a better place, or sparked more controversy? Some artist who likes to depict dismemberment, or someone who spoke out against injustice and immorality?

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