Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jetsons secret code

Having a strong fondness for invented words and constructed languages, we've put together the coded phrases from The Jetsons episode "A Date with Jet Screamer". There doesn't seem to be any transcriptions of the episode, nor a list of these words, and since two of the phrases are only mentioned in passing, we figured it would help fans of the show to be able to refer to a written list rather than relying on memorizing George's quickly spoken lines. Despite the hundreds of times we've seen the episode, we never memorized the other phrases.

eep opp ork ah ah - meet me tonight / I love you

bloop boppa bip blip boppa boop - don't be late

wham bam bop - we're late for dinner; your mother's gonna bop us

I think George's phrase "wham bam bop" is much more economical than "bloop boppa bip blip boppa boop", don't you think? That's an awful mouthful for such a simple sentence. But that may have been the point.

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