Friday, April 22, 2011


So we've recently discovered that chocolate chip cookies go great with cola- something like Coke or Shasta (the red-colored kind).

See, I feel frequently frustrated seeing so many freakin' wines in grocery stores and beer commercials that make beer, lager and ale sound like the latest gourmet booze (what's next? Fancy wine coolers?), and I keep hoping that soda will get the same treatment. There is something of a subculture, as evidenced by all the options you have at Whole Foods and stores that specialize in retro sodas.
Unlike many people, I like to pair my sodas with the meal. My reasoning is that you got the different kinds of food on your plate because they go well together, so why defeat the purpose of those selections by neutralizing your tongue with water or drinking fermented plant juice? You might as well eat things that go badly together- like pizza and steamed artichokes.

(And don't tell me that there's a recipe for that. Ick.)

So choosing a soda to compliment your meal I think is something severely undervalued. I often wind up getting Coke or root beer at sit-down restaurants, but that's because they usually sell comfort foods.

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