Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've come to prefer milk over dark, although dark still has its good points. I just prefer my chocolate to be creamy, while the darkest of chocolates tend to be more like a "I dare you" food, like Moxie.

Out of all dark chocolates, I like Hershey's Special Dark the best. It has a nice balance.

I like peanuts and chocolate better than almonds and chocolate. Mr. Goodbar is one of my favorites. Normally I don't like chocolates with a lot of nuts, especially not walnuts. I also like chocolate with fruit quite a bit.

Most often, I like chewing my chocolate rather than letting it melt on my tongue. I get the full impact of its flavor that way. I have noticed, though, that because of dark chocolate's richer, earthier flavor, I do tend to eat it a bit more slowly.

That said, while Hershey's had significantly improved in recent years because of its gourmet competitors, I do prefer European chocolates over most commercial American chocolates. See's is the best American brand, I think- the coating of nostalgia adds to it as well.

Then again, what do I know? I'm of the male gender.

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