Thursday, October 1, 2009

You can call me "Flower" if you want to, hon!

You know, I swear to God that I thought Flower from Disney's Bambi was a girl. The high-pitched, giggly, effeminate voice, the bashful behavior, the name... I mean, nothing quite says "masculinity" than naming yourself after a dainty, brightly-colored plant. He had pronounced eyelashes, for God's sake! In the '40s, this screamed of the more delicate "weaker sex".

So imagine my surprise after not seeing Bambi for many years and seeing Flower fall for a girl who was even more effeminate, which was somehow possible. I honestly thought Flower was a girl, and I didn't remember that scene. The way he shrugs and laughs nervously at the other two makes me think that he's trying to say "Whaddya know! I have testosterone!"

Of course, it also brings up the possibility that he's saying "Whaddya know! I'm straight!"

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