Friday, December 17, 2010

Mexican Hot Cocoa

Recently I've come to enjoy these Mexican cocoa brands that usually come in candy-bar-like chocolate discs that you're supposed to grind into a powder with a grater. They do sometimes come in powder form, but usually you have to put in a little extra work to get a cocoa that always includes at least cinnamon and sugar for a spicier cup of cocoa. It's not quite as sweet or creamy as your usual powder mix, but the cinnamon makes up for it.

You'll recognize them by their hexagon-shaped packages.

The two brands I've tried are called Abuelita and Don Gustavo- which seem to deliberately be the "feminine" and "masculine" brands, respectively, because the former has a smiling, charming and quaint grandma wearing antiquated clothing on the box, and the latter has a 50-60-year-old Mexican man who looks like somebody who works on a farm. Not only that, Don Gustavo has darker chocolate and tiny bits of peanuts in it.

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